Functions of a Foundation for Arkansas Homeowners

The Principal function of a foundation of a home is to transfer the weight of a structure to its underlying soil and rocks.  One of the factors that bring about the need for foundation repairs is improper foundation settling.  Foundation settlement can devalue structures and also render them unsafe.  Building on expansive clay, compressive or improperly contracted fill soils and improper maintenance in and around foundations are some of the major reasons of improper foundation settling. 

General signs of a structure needing foundation repairs are bulging or cracked walls and doors that don't close properly.  Exterior warning signs of improper floor settling are  rotation of walls, displaced moldings, cracked bricks and foundation separation around doors and windows from the walls.  Interior warning signs of improper floor settling are cracks on the floor, sheet rock and misalignment in doors and windows.

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Source: Structural Sciences

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