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What Causes Water Leaks In My Concrete?

Over time, aging concrete naturally decays. This process can happen faster when faced with extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Loose/unstable soil are also huge factors due to erosion, freeze and thaw cycles, poor compaction (decrease in soil volume/porosity), and soil decay/decomposition, and composition- the proper balance of mineral pieces, matter, air and water. When soil is unstable under a home, it fails to support the weight of the home and concrete, which in turn causes cracking and many other detrimental issues.

Poorly constructed homes can also lead to these cracks in the concrete if the initial building process of structure was not properly carried out.

How Does Polyurethane Foam Injection Seal Leaks?

Concrete can be permanently repair with polyurethane foam injection by using a 2-part solution that is injected into the affected concrete area. After the solution is injected, the pressure forces the material through all cracks, joints, and defective areas. The polyurethane foam solution then reacts rapidly to form a watertight seal in those areas. It takes about 30 minutes to cure, and as mentioned is resistant to ANY water entering that area again.

What Kind Of Water Leaks Can Polyurethane Foam Fix?

Whether it be a basement leak, hairline crack, a foundation leak that is gushing, or other defect- it can be sealed with our hydrophobic polyurethane foam products.

If you are experiencing water leaks throughout your home/basement or even your place of business, give us a call for a free on-site estimate for a solution to this issue.

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Cracked Concrete and Settlement Slab Repair

Our TerraThane Polyurethane foam lifted the large crack in the slab foundation of home in video above. 🏡

The benefits of polyurethane injection when it comes to cracks and settlement in your slab or other concrete are huge.

—Economically speaking, concrete lifting and leveling is a fraction of the cost of replacement, which keeps money in your pocket.

—The work is done in a matter of hours, not days, and the area can be used 30 minutes after application due to the quick cure time of our foam.

—The process also stabilizes the subsoil underneath the slab, and fills the void area which eliminates the possibility for water intrusion, insects, and animals. 


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Cracked Concrete - Repair or Replace?

Concrete is all around us. Whether it be driveways, patios, sidewalks, pool decks, garage floors, foundation slabs, or even the roads we drive is a big part of our lives even if we don’t even realize it. Concrete undoubtedly has longevity, but over time it can buckle, crack, or lift. This typically happens due to soil erosion or compacted soil (leading to sinking, lifting, settling) , or improper water drainage which is a large issue for sidewalks/walkways, swimming pool decks, garage floors, slabs, and floors in general.

Typically when a homeowner is faced with such concrete damage, a lot of individuals assume that replacement is the only solution to the problem. To make things worse, homeowners see the price of concrete replacement and are stunned. (It’s not cheap, to say the least).

This is where Foundation Repair of Arkansas comes in—

Our company specializes in the repairing (not to be confused with replacement) of concrete. In some cases, having your concrete repaired can cost 1/4 of what actual concrete replacement costs! Contact us if we can help solve any of these problems for you by filling out the form below, emailing, or calling us at 501-539-5218.

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Foundation Repair of Arkansas Swimming Pool and Deck Services

Pool season will be here before you know it! 


If your pool deck is sinking, losing water, or pulling away, Foundation Repair of Arkansas specializes in rehabilitating the existing slabs around the pool without excavation. We utilize a polyurethane foam injection method to stabilize the soils underneath the slab and around the pool. 
This mitigates future erosion and externally seals the pool area.

Our swimming pool and pool deck services:

🌀Lift and level concrete slabs, including the pool deck to prevent trip hazards.

🌀Externally sealing the swimming pool.

🌀Stabilize soils and fill subsurface voids.

🌀Stabilize and reinforce retaining walls.

🌀Footer stabilization and rehabilitation.

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Why Choose Polyurethane for Foundation Repair in Arkansas

Using polyurethane to lift concrete slabs is not a new concept. It was first introduced in Europe in 1989 and quickly spread to the United States. The process was initially patented here in the US and was primarily used on large DOT projects.

Yes – polyurethane concrete slab lifting can be a profitable business even with a project focus at the residential level. When first introduced, prohibitions and costs of equipment and material made profitability elusive at a small scale. That is not the case today.

Why Is Polyurethane Concrete Lifting Advantageous?

1) It Is Easier – Traditional mud jacking usually takes a 2-3 man crews.  Polyurethane concrete raising can be accomplished by one man.  Clean up is also easier since the poly is actually mixed at the gun so there is less mess and literally no equipment to clean. So even though the cost of polyurethane material is greater than mudjacking material, the savings in labor, clean up, and equipment maintenance makes residential polyurethane concrete raising cost effective and efficient.

2) It Is More Attractive  – Light weight polyurethane (only adds 3-5 pounds per cubic foot to the sub base compared to 100 pounds plus that mudjacking adds) is injected through very small holes in the concrete (5/8” holes). When compared to drilling traditional 1 5/8 inch holes for mudjacking. The perception and reality is a less obtrusive repair which adds to the perceived value.

With training, the correct equipment, and the right polyurethane material, polyurethane concrete raising can be a profitable business for the residential contractor.   Now you can make a profit while offeringa nearly invisible means of raising and stabilizing residential concrete. Make work easier while still saving your customer the mess and hassle of removing concrete slabs that have settled. Think poly for residential in the future.

Foundation Repair of Arkansas specializes in polyurethane. We provide services in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Maumelle, Conway, Benton, Bryant, Malvern, Hot Springs, Greenbrier, Pine Bluff, White Hall, Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Bentonville, Springdale, Bella Vista, Fort Smith, Cabot, Jacksonville, Austin, Searcy, Beebe, and more! We are Foundation Repair of Arkansas because we will travel throughout the ENTIRE state to get the job done. Our focus is on customer service, execution of the job, and overall satisfaction. We are extremely affordable and dependable. Call today at  501-539-5218 for a free consultationFoundation Repair of Arkansas would love to earn your business.

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