Simple Solutions For Residential Foundation and Concrete Repair


Foundation Repair

  • Concrete Slab Lifting & Leveling

  • New Construction Concrete

  • Sinking Concrete Slabs

  • Retaining Walls

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Concrete Repair

  • Porches & Patios

  • Sidewalks

  • Driveways

  • Garage Floors

  • Chimneys

  • Cracked Brick or Block


Pool Deck Repair & Leveling

  • Sinking Concrete

  • Uneven Surfaces

  • Protruding Concrete Edges

  • Cracked Concrete


Void Filling

  • Soil Stabilization & Compaction

  • Erosion

  • Slope Stabilization


Our Concrete and Foundation Repair Services


Foundation Repair

As an Arkansan homeowner, securing your property from wear and tear is essential. And, when foundation cracks appear, your foundation’s repair must be resolved in a timely manner; yet, just any restoration will not suffice, given quality and value.

Foundation Repair of Arkansas expertly, and cost-effectively, repairs foundation cracks with polyurethane foam. Since Arkansas’ six distinct geological regions cause varying types of foundation damage, it is important that only the most qualified foundation repair technician in the state is securing the foundation of your property.

To speak with our team at Foundation Repair of Arkansas, give us a call at 501-539-5218.

Patios, Porches & Deck Repair

Concrete is all around us. Whether it be driveways, patios, sidewalks, pool decks, garage floors, foundation slabs, or even the roads we drive is a big part of our lives even if we don’t even realize it. Concrete undoubtedly has longevity, but over time it can buckle, crack, or lift. This typically happens due to soil erosion or compacted soil (leading to sinking, lifting, settling) , or improper water drainage which is a large issue for sidewalks/walkways, swimming pool decks, garage floors, slabs, and floors in general.

Typically when a homeowner is faced with such concrete damage, a lot of individuals assume that replacement is the only solution to the problem. To make things worse, homeowners see the price of concrete replacement and are stunned. (It’s not cheap, to say the least).

This is where Foundation Repair of Arkansas comes in—

Our company specializes in the repairing (not to be confused with replacement) of concrete. In some cases, having your concrete repaired can cost 1/4 of what actual concrete replacement costs!



Pool deck Repair and Leveling

If your pool deck is sinking, losing water, or pulling away, Foundation Repair of Arkansas specializes in rehabilitating the existing slabs around the pool without excavation. We utilize a polyurethane foam injection method to stabilize the soils underneath the slab and around the pool. 
This mitigates future erosion and externally seals the pool area.

Our pool deck services include:

Lift and level concrete slabs, including the pool deck to prevent trip hazards.

Externally sealing the swimming pool.

Stabilize soils and fill subsurface voids.

Stabilize and reinforce retaining walls.

Footer stabilization and rehabilitation.


Void Filling and Stabilization


If heavy rains occur, the excess water that ends up in the soil can cause soil around and under your foundation to be washed away, leaving behind voids that cause the foundation to settle into the ground.


Foundation settlement and sinking due to void and hole formation under the concrete can also be the result of soil shrinkage during very dry weather.


Water that has been absorbed by the soil around your home can also cause increased hydrostatic pressure.  This pressure puts stress on the foundation, pushing it and causing it to crack and shift.

Free Estimate Inspection


What you can expect during your free estimate inspection:

The owner of the company will arrive on time and inform you of our process and will ask you for any pertinent data as to why you called us out to the property.  This is your time to show us the sticking door, or the wall crack or that sloping floor or whatever it is that has raised concerns for you.

From there, the owner will spend time doing his inspection process.  During this time, you can get on with your day and he will collect data so that he can explain the important factors to you.  If you want to follow along with him, you are certainly welcome to, but we prefer to be respectful of your time.

The owner will meet with you to give you a verbal assessment of his findings.  He will provide you with a clear, easy to understand explanation of the current condition of your foundation system.  This generally takes about 30-45 minutes.  He will not sit in your living room and "sell" you a job.  He will be fully open and up-front.  He will provide a clear written diagnosis to you via e-mail after the visit and you can review it at your leisure.  This will include how the work is to be performed and the pricing on the work.

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