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If you notice cracks in your foundation, sheet-rock, bricks or floors, uneven window or door frames, bulging walls, or creaky or bouncy floors, it is vital to have a concrete slab expert from our company out to inspect your home and discuss your repair options.



Foundation Repair of Arkansas can restore your commercial foundation needs quickly and effectively. By using a high-density, specially designed polyurethane injection system, we can restore to soil and concrete to the surface to give the structure all of the support it needs.


Free Estimates

If you are experiencing signs of foundation problems, don't wait any longer! Minor foundation problems can be easily and efficiently fixed if reached in time. If these minor foundation problems are ignored, they can quickly become big problems. Big problems can become very costly! 


We offer a wide-range of residential related repairs:


Foundation Repair | Driveways | Steps | Patios | Garage Floors | Void Filling | Pool Decks | Sidewalks | Basement Wall Repair | Concrete Repair | Chimneys | Cracked Brick or Block | Sinking Concrete Slabs | New Construction Concrete | Slope Stabilization | Retaining Walls


Work complete in hours instead of days | Ready for foot traffic immediately | Can be driven on in 30 minutes to an hour | Less than half the cost of replacement | No color change in the concrete | All work is guaranteed



At FROA, you can trust in us to perform commercial services that include:


City Streets | Municipal Buildings | Multifamily Housing | Warehouses | Office Complexes | Churches | Shopping Centers | Boat Ramps | Parking Lots | Void Filling | Loading Docks | Runways | Highways | Schools | Generator Pads | Retail Stores | Hotels and Resorts | Universities | Hospitals | Trip Hazard Elimination


Free Estimate Inspection Expectations



What you can expect during your free estimate inspection:

The owner of the company will arrive on time and inform you of our process and will ask you for any pertinent data as to why you called us out to the property.  This is your time to show us the sticking door, or the wall crack or that sloping floor or whatever it is that has raised concerns for you.

From there, the owner will spend time doing his inspection process.  During this time, you can get on with your day and he will collect data so that he can explain the important factors to you.  If you want to follow along with him, you are certainly welcome to, but we prefer to be respectful of your time.

The owner will meet with you to give you a verbal assessment of his findings.  He will provide you with a clear, easy to understand explanation of the current condition of your foundation system.  This generally takes about 30-45 minutes.  He will not sit in your living room and "sell" you a job.  He will be fully open and up-front.  He will provide a clear written diagnosis to you via e-mail after the visit and you can review it at your leisure.  This will include how the work is to be performed and the pricing on the work.


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